About Us

Book my Mali - is a unique service provided by a team of professionally trained gardeners for maintaining your plants & gardens at your doorstep.

Maintaining the plants in top notch condition is the biggest task for all plant lovers, hence "Book my Mali" service will take care of your plants & garden areas in your Homes, Offices & Societies, while you enjoy the beauty of your Green 'n' Growing plants.

Book my Mali brings you all Garden & Plants related services at ur doorstep.

1. Balcony Pot plants maintenance :

Includes trimming of plants, soil mulching, adding organic manure, fertilisers, spraying organic insecticides / fungicides & watering the plant.

2. Vertical wall / Green wall maintenance :

Includes trimming of plants, soil mulching, adding organic manure & fertilisers, spraying organic insecticides / fungicides & watering.

Replacing of Dried & Damaged plants will be charged extra.

3. AMC of Garden / Flowerbeds:

Free site visit & survey by our Horticulturists to understand the requirements.

All inclusive comprehensive maintenance required to maintain the Garden in top notch condition.

4. Plants on Vacation :

Send us your existing live plants & we will maintain it in our nursery, till you enjoy ur much needed vacation. 

Includes everything required for maintaining the plants in healthy condition.

5. Indoor Plants on Hire :

Supply of well grown plants (2-6 feet ht.) in plastic pots with tray.

Includes General maintenance of indoor plants - like watering, cleaning of leaves etc.

Replacing all plants with fresh plants every month. 

6. Gift a Plant - Gift a Life :

Gifting plant is the best way you can bring happiness & Fresh oxygen for ur loved one’s, be it return gift, kitty party gift or corporate green awards. 

We help you select the best plants as per your budget & purpose.

Complete range of Good Luck plants, Air Purifying plants, zodiac plants, medicinal plants are available for gifting.

7. Kitchen Gardening : 

Grow ur own organic veggies & herbs inside ur home. Complete set of pots, potting soil & seeds available, just bookmymali and enjoy all the green things. 

8. Plant a Tree for your special occasion : 

Contribute a small amount (Rs.150/- per sapling) for special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings etc and we will plant a tree in ur name.

Includes tree saplings, soil, manure & labour.